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      About Us
      • Shenzhen Fang Yuan Yin Ping Co., Ltd.. is a professional engaged in plexiglass (acrylic) products exhibition design and UV printing plate processing enterprises, we have advanced plexiglass (acrylic) production equipment and imported Ricoh nozzle UV plate printing; in plexiglass (acrylic) we have over ten years of experience in the industry elite the team can design products, high quality and quantity to complete the various orders. The main products are: design and production of organic glass and organic glass display packaging, jewelry items, organic glass wine license / Taiwan card, organic glass, organic glass frame / frame property card / marketing board, organic glass showcase, trophies, medals / POP data frame, all kinds of organic glass (acrylic) material display Home Furnishing / bracket, office supplies, equipment etc.. The main UV printing processes are: plexiglass (acrylic...
      Featured Products
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